Panda Run free the game in the classic arcade games

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Panda Run free the game in the classic arcade games created in platformera style in which your task is to help the cute little Panda to get out of the terrible abandoned in the forest.

Panda Run free



The game itself is a classic arcade-style platform. The plot of the game, your character is a dear creature, a little scared, but at the same time courageous and ready to go forward in that at all costs. Your task is to help the Panda out of the great and terrible forest, and believe me, this is no easy task, because, dark forest not want to just give up its prey. However, he also never leave Pandu without assistance, and from time to time awards its coins, if she can cool to make him laugh. The game has a table of records, the place in which it is determined by the number of collected coins.

The game’s plot is quite simple, and it is possible to start as any tale – a long time ago there lived a brave Panda. And then one day he came in the bamboo forest and got lost. All around know that the forest is a mysterious and dangerous, and that he carries a lot of unexpected adventure and surprises, and get out of there alive haven’t had a chance to anyone. But our Panda not timid, and because he believes in themselves and know that they will be able to get zhivim at will. To help the Panda to find a way out of the mysterious maze of bamboo, and have your task.

Panda Run


The game Panda Run v1.3.0 for Android itself runner, which is a delightful graphics should not wait, but here, however, the graphics in interesting Oriental style and performed quite well. The management of the game is simple and will not take you a lot of time learning or adaptation to the complex algorithms of the game. Thus, this is the type of game has a user to play again and again.

Presents you a new and exciting game will literally fit for all age categories of players and will allow to spend time interestingly, enthusiastically watching the incredible adventures of the brave Pandas.

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