Paint Joy – The Painter

Paint Joy – free software as a painter for Android.

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Another painter has been added to our collection. Paint Joy – Color Draw is intended for color drawing and for lovers of arts of all ages. This is a neat, easy to use and at the same time rich in functionality and capabilities of the painter. To create something of their own by means of a brush, pencil, chalk and even glowing neon paint. You can always control the brush size, background color, size, etc. One word – simple and easy and free program which includes a number of tools and functions that are simple and intuitive and friendly interface. It should also be noted that the Paint Joy – Color Draw able to display ads in a popup window, but it is a consequence of the free nature of this application.

Download Paint Joy
Some features:
File track for drawing, you can choose from more than 20 kinds of brushes.
File track simple choice of brush and palette of colors for drawing.
* The support scaling fingers ( increase/decrease a pinch).
* Movie mode to playback multiple pictures as mini cinema.
* Opportunity to share their art in Facebook, Tumblr, Email, Twitter, etc.

Download Paint Joy

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