Nun Attack Origins Yuki – Help Yuki to release the orphans.

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One of the sisters-Monahan named Yuki loved all of his orphans, who cared every day. But one day, an unknown ancient force freed at will, destroyed the whole village and stole all orphans. Yuki did not give up and instantly remembered all the secret techniques of fighting techniques Monzuno, and then went out to save those orphans. The game was named Nun Attack Origins: Yuki and is a very interesting arcade game in which you have properly consider every action, and then try to do it as soon as possible. The game boasts a large number of levels, simple and very fun gameplay, easy and beautiful, stylish graphics.

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The gameplay and management:

The essence of each level is that you need to release all the orphans, who are held in a cell and to destroy all the enemies on the level. To get 3 stars for the implementation level, you should release all the orphans, to use only, where you have a number of actions and to perform all the necessary actions in the allotted time. The stars are needed to restore the village. The secret of fighting techniques Monzuno is that we need to act covertly, to move very quickly and cut very much. With all of this charming Yuki cope without problems.

Game for android Nun Attack Origins Yuki

Control in the game is very simple and doesn’t require any special skills. Hold your finger on Yuki and move it a little bit ago to see the sight. Then aim to the desired point and release your finger. Yuki instantly move and destroy the enemy and destroy the cell, if they were in her way. If the enemy is to face you, then attack him in no event it is impossible, since it will easily beat off the attack.” To understand whether you have zeroed in on the enemy, pay attention to the color of sight: if it is red, then attack just not worth it, and if green, then attack bravely.

Nun Attack Origins Yuki

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Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics in the game are still on high, as in the previous games in the series. Optimization, details, special effects – all at the highest level. The soundtrack sounds definitely will please each and will inspire positive game. To summarize: Nun Attack Origins: Yuki is another great game in the series of games about martial sisters-nuns who fight evil and save the innocent. This is a great game for tablet PC or smartphone, which will delight you with absolutely everything. Enjoy the game!

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