My speaker Tom for Android

My speaking Is free – game-Annex number 1 in 135 countries around the world where you will have your own cat, no different from a real pet.

speaker Volume for Android

A stunning success and worldwide popularity of the game “Saying the cat Is” (Talking Tom Cat) has delighted its developers and gave rise to new ideas. The company-developer Outfit7 decided not to stop and started a new project, namely “My saying That”we are glad to present you today.

Not worth skeptical to think that the new game is a simple copy or resemble the old, even though many elements of the game are really very similar to the previous, play My speaker Volume is distinguished by originality and novelty which is sure to please the users.

speaker Tom for Android

The game My speaker Volume v. 1.6.1 for Android in the first place differs from the first game of the fact that here you will find not a large cat, and a small kitten, you need to grow up and turn into a big and adult pet. What you need to do is to care for your pet, you have to feed, bathe, play with him, put to sleep, watch his mood and guess his desires.

The kitten Is, of course, like a Tom cat, but here it is very small, cute and kind, because this game is great for portable gadgets young children. The ability Volume to repeat all for you and its properties as a Tamagotchi – beautiful connection entertaining features that you will find in this game.

Tom for Android

The novelty of the application that emphasize the developers, is that the Fact of emotional kitten. This means that now you can also track the emotions of your favorite cat. It can be sad or happy, sleepy or hungry, confused or surprised. In General, to be bored with your new favorite Tom you just do not have, as its mood is also in your hands.

Besides, small Volume, you will be able to choose for yourself, changing the color of fur and clothing, as well as equipping for him his room. All this can be selected in a completely individual basis with the variety of options!

Tom for Android

Also in this game you have the opportunity to visit the apartments of other players – you can see them in apartments, to consider their Volumes, and find there the treasure and get a coin. Awards will also be sent to your account when you will be helping To grow during the 9 different stages with 100 levels, gaining new coins and discovering new things.

The game is filled with many interesting moments and interesting features that make it even more attractive. Playing with my Tom, you will see how soon it will become part of your everyday life and you will be just happy that I decided to install the game.

Tom for Android


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