Moy 3 for android

Two of the last part of the game has sold more copies – about 20 million downloads, that if we consider only data from Google Play and only Android, so the game is very popular, most reviews are positive, so is a sin not to do the next part. The developers of Frojo Apps and released her what pleases – without fundamental changes, because in principle, the game had everything you need, the only thing was missing – the freshness and some new chips about this, too, they took care of it!

game Moy 3

Fun graphics got a little better, but overall has not changed, so get used to something different do not have remained most of the previous features, plus new ways to take care of your pet, to show him love and attention. Moreover, this part, and two past perfect for both adults and children, so no matter how old you are – do not deny yourself the pleasure!

game Moy 3
Features Moy 3:

– the usual and very comfortable gameplay
– beautiful graphics
– appeared aquarium fish which also need to care
– now you can switch to different views
– travel with your pet and find cool gifts
– if your pet has soiled load his things into the washing machine
– use a vacuum cleaner to clean the housing
– don’t forget to put him to sleep Moy
– when your pet is hungry cook him a culinary masterpiece in the kitchen
– Moy learned to speak! Communicate with him!
– Earn coins in various mini-games
– show your pet friends in social networks
– as before, the game is free!

Moy 3
The disadvantages of the game Moy 3:

– in the new part of the game Donat developed even more, and the prices sometimes are impressive
– the game is more like Pou…
Conclusion: definitely a good and popular game, which try to profit developers through donation, which in General is even true, but no donation to play quite interesting, with more areas which tightened all admirers of this genre.


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