Mother of Myth

Game for android

ъIf you do not breathe smoothly to Greek or Roman mythology, then you need to look at the game for Android called Mother of Myth. History of the hero or heroine (depending on whom you will create in the game begins with the fact that the family of the hero was attacked by unknown wild creatures, which up to this point no one has ever seen. You tried to get away from this horrible place, but saw a wondrous light. Then, you woke up in a totally unknown place and from heaven descended beautiful Muse, which claimed that you are one of those legendary warriors-Rashidov that are able to stop this evil, and to find their friends and sister, who disappeared after that incident. The game is a perfect blend of action, RPG and hack’n’slash genres. From the first genre of the game went to the dynamics of the battle, from the second – beautiful pumping system, many skills and opportunities for the development of character, and from the third – game process. In addition, the game boasts beautiful 3D graphics and a very simple controls.

Mother of Myth

The gameplay and management:

The essence of the game is based mainly on the fact that you have to clean up various dungeons. In the beginning, you need to destroy all enemies on the way, and then to deal with the boss, which necessarily will look for you at the end of each level. In addition to the normal sword strikes, the main character got help from the gods and will now be able to use their strength, depending on the map, which were attached to his belt. Upon completion of the level, you will get gold, which can be spent on the purchase or transporting weapons.

Mother of Myth

To buy steep weapons are used crystals, which very quickly earned in the beginning of the game. On reaching a new level you will be given skill points that you can spend on a special skill tree. Control in the game is very, very simple and should not cause any problems. To move, simply press the desired point on the playing field, and to attack the enemy – click once on it. If you want to use the power of the gods, it is necessary to draw a corresponding gesture. Note that to use the power of the gods, you need mana that can be earned by killing enemies or after drinking the potion.

Mother of Myth

Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics in the game is made for 5+, beautiful details, special effects, great animation of the character and fight and a good optimization. The soundtrack and the sounds picked up very well, I have no questions. To summarize: if you have been looking for a cool action RPG with simple controls, with pumping and beautiful 3D graphics, the Mother of Myth you 100% like it, plus, the game is localized into Russian. The game is free, Donat is present, but the developers are not particularly impose. Enjoy the game!

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