MMX Racing

Americans have a special competition involving huge machines that they are called or Monster Truck or Big Foot. The competition also called MMX and its main feature – a star jumps on these huge machines. The sight is amazing, if you happen to be still inside such a machine is that sensations are multiplied by 10.

By the way, you have a chance to try yourself behind the wheel of such a machine in the new game for Android called MMX Racing. The game was just amazing 3D graphics with amazing special effects, exciting and easy-to-understand gameplay, and very simple operation.

MMX Racing 1
Gameplay and control:

The essence of each race is to come faster opponent. The task initially seems easy, because, to go in a straight line, albeit with some jumps, but the winner is not one who has the faster car and when the car feels well and correctly perform the trick. All in the fact that for qualitative performance of the trick you want to perform two little conditions to make the right jump and make a proper landing. If you during the landing too early you press the gas pedal, the machine may tip over, and if you hit too late, you will lose speed and the enemy most likely you’ll get left behind. Also, when done correctly, the trick, especially when landing you will get the extra boost that will allow you to easily break forward.

MMX Racing


Each race differs in its complexity, especially in some races you will be given a sponsor of the machine, which, by the way, you can earn a very good idea. For winning you get the money that you can spend on buying new parts for a car, to change her appearance, as well as to buy new cars. In the game there is energy in the form of tickets, so be ready to always come first, because re-check in will also have to pay.

The game controls are very convenient and for those of you who have played the game about drag racing, not much will be surprised at the control in this game. You will manage only the gas pedal and believe me, this will be enough. During the beginning in hold your finger on the gas pedal and try to balance the needle of the speedometer on the green zone. After this, hold your finger not the gas pedal and release only during a jump, press again during the landing.
The graphics and soundtrack:

With the visual side of the game not a little pleased: excellent drill machines, beautiful special effects, smooth animations, good physics, thanks to which the car felt really something big and heavy, and a nice optimization. The soundtrack matched perfectly. Let’s summarize: MMX Racing is noteworthy race on a huge Monster Track’ax, which will be able to surprise you with graphics, gameplay and control. You can download it for free, donut, though present, but does not greatly affect game balance. Enjoy the game!


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