McAfee Mobile Security for Android

Antivirus for android

McAfee Mobile Security is a free app, one of their industry-leading mobile security solutions that reliably protects your Android smartphone or tablet, as well as personal information on a mobile device.

McAfee Mobile Security

Mobile antivirus for Android from McAfee protects you when you install new applications, making purchases in the online store, browse news in social networks or using the phone for Internet banking and online payment.

Mobile application allows you to determine the location Android device, use the loud siren and backup/restore.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android supports security in the kernel at the expense of Intel Device Protection Technology.

Supported devices: Android smartphones, tablets and devices Amazon Kindle. Protect your three devices free of charge with full version.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android

New in version

– Introducing new Free and Premium version
– Best-in-class anti-virus program with functions for the protection of confidentiality of applications and for protection from thefts McAfee and much more for free
– Upgrade to the premium version to get the opportunity to take advantage of the award-winning customer support team by phone McAfee and function of backup media, and the opportunity to work with applications from disabled advertising
The main functions of McAfee Mobile Security for Android

Constant anti-virus protection

Antivirus for Android – protection from mobile viruses, spyware, Internet worms, Trojans, and botnets by scanning installed applications, messages, add-on cards the memory. On the basis of advanced anti-virus technology McAfee and with the support of more than 400 researchers of global threats, McAfee Mobile Security safely and effectively protects you from malicious programs and unwanted applications.

• Secure mobile web surfing – protection against web threats by blocking access to inappropriate malicious links in text messages and e-mail, social networking sites and QR codes.


• Application profile for multiple users – display and hide the application, depending on who is using the device. There are 4 profile, Without limitation, work, Children’s and Guest.

• Lock application blocking applications to important content, to protect your privacy.

• Application protection – McAfee Mobile Security scans and checks your applications to different types and levels of access to data and functions of your Android device. More detailed information you can better control of mobile phone safety and confidentiality of your data.

• Anti-spam: filters calls and SMS Filtering and blocking unsolicited SMS messages and calls. Application easily filter spammers, incorrect numbers and unwanted calls. Automatic blocking of unknown callers.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android

Web security

• Internet security – McAfee Web Protection Service significantly improves protection for Android mobile devices. When clicking on links in the Android browser, you will get protection from potential phishing sites, browser vulnerabilities and malicious links in text messages and e-mail, social networking sites and QR codes.

Web security for Android with the use of technology SiteAdvisor blocks dangerous links to the web sites you visit. Safely click the links to find and visit any of the web sites on the Internet using your mobile device.

• Protection of Wi-Fi – warning unprotected Wi-Fi connections

The anti-theft – device search

• Remote location and tracking device – Find and track your lost Android mobile device. Track inserted the wrong SIM card and phone calls to recover the lost device. After McAfee defines a new SIM card assigned to the contact you will receive a notification via SMS, so you can return to your smartphone or tablet. In addition, McAfee Mobile Security allows you to track your current location of the device and display it on the map.

• Wipe – make sure that your data will not fall into the wrong hands. If your smartphone or tablet lost forever, erase your data, including contacts, text messages, pictures and video. You can also erase all the files on the SD card. It all quickly and easily performed via the Internet. You can always restore your data using a web portal.

• CaptureCam – invisible photography person who holds your missing device, and send pictures to you by e-mail together with data on the location of the device

• S.O.S – automatic saving data about the last location of the device before running out of battery power

• Alarm – use remote alarm system to find the device if it was not far.

• Uninstall protection – prevents the theft or another user, uninstall McAfee Mobile Security and to access your Android tablet or phone.

• Web portal for McAfee remote control – Centralized web portal for remote management of mobile phone: backup management, location and erase data. Also supported commands sent via SMS-messages from any device.

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Backup, data recovery

• Reliable cloud backup important user data. The solution allows you to save SMS messages, video and pictures, contacts, and call logs, and access to this data from anywhere using a web portal McAfee.
The possibility of paid Premium version

Purchase the premium version and get more benefits:

• Secure storage in the cloud 2 GB for photos and videos
• Get award winning support by phone from McAfee.
• Information environment without advertisements.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android


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