MAX Winoterra

Game for android

Someone says that the runner was tired, not going to argue with them, the games of this genre on Android really produced a lot, both from the leading producers, and from little-known companies that nothing has released but one of the only games. But like many similar games is not produced, they are always fans, and all the matter is that such begalci are great when you need to take time.

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And around the dinosaurs

Today we have to run the company Lion max and his girlfriend Lina. But running is necessary not just so, and trying to return the artifacts stolen some master of shadows. What is the master and what is the strength of artifacts that remained a mystery to us, but Oh well, many runners no there is no story, so it will fit and available. The gameplay is nothing to surprise failed, you will discover endless straight road which will run dodging obstacles as long as you have the strength and agility. Here are obstacles surprised, in addition to the usual trees, walls and stone rubble, you will meet with dinosaurs that have this expensive, something like a highway.

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Some of them will rush to meet you, threatening to trample, others simply run beside you waving tail and disturbing, and still others will be insidiously to scatter on the road eggs, and which can be tripped over. With bonuses in the game, things are bad, they can only be purchased in advance, worse things only with jobs, instead of the usual sentences to run some distance or to gather a specified number of coins that you offer to advertise the game in the plumage of social networks or buy something to be useless.

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The biggest advantage of graphics is its brilliance, the game will love children. But fans of quality drawing will be disappointed, wherever you were, in the forest or the desert, everywhere you will be surrounded simplified models. Management also not impressed by the responsiveness that runner is not forgivable.

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