Master of Craft – otstroit town in the middle ages.

Game for android

Genre today’s games on the move quite difficult to determine, whether before us urban simulator designed in medieval style, whether RPG tailored to craft items. One way or another but we will have a very peculiar world attacked by monsters , so that peace will not work, in order to meet with enemies passed to your troops painless, will have a lot to work.

Game for android Master of Craft

Preparing for battle

It would be more correct to describe the game: you are building a variety of weapons and armor that increases your army, and thus strengthen your city. First, you have to take under control the tiny village, da craftily you will be able only the simplest of things like wood and iron, but doing many jobs you will increase your level of skill, and your village will grow and prosper. All buildings that produce resources and articles can be improved with the opening of new materials and skills. But some of the resources will be found only in remote areas captured by monsters, so without battles do not work.

android Master of Craft

All resources will take some time, of course the higher the level of a resource, the longer he will be created and then opens and the first need for donate, if too lazy to wait, you should spend a little money to buy blue crystals and wait no longer. Additionally, some items can only be purchased for the same donatnye crystals, so if you are looking for a place to spend some hard-earned money this game will give you a lot of opportunities. In addition you can help friends, you can exchange gifts, seek assistance in battle or just chat.

Game  Master of Craft


The graphics in this game is not bad, but not too impressive, normal average for modern games. Eyes will enjoy the bright colors and unusual fantasy drawn buildings. Well done all of the menu items, missing only their full translation into Russian, without knowledge of the English game will be difficult.

Game for android Master of Craft

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