Machineers for android

The name of the developer who made this game for Android, as it alludes to the gameplay – Lohika, that’s their name, have guessed? This game is absolutely not ordinary, you may have met a couple of something similar, but this similarity is the fact that you are playing in an unusual style and are ready to offer you a cool and very interesting story.. and Yes, the game is paid, the price is a little more than four dollars.


The genre of this game is quite difficult to define, and not much need, do you have a process of thinking, the result of which is a complicated and not very machinery, construction and other jobs, which here galore. You will find yourself in a world that is inhabited by intelligent mechanisms, robots or cyborgs is not so important, it is important that this is a very stylish, clearly drawn, with very high quality and detailed and clearly it’s something you’ll never meet. The action will unfold in the city, there’s a lot of broken machines which need to be repaired, many opportunities to create something new and a bunch of characters with whom you should talk.

game Machineers
The advantages and features of the game Machineers:

– style and cool idea
– very interesting and moderately complex tasks
– there are already five episodes, to be released soon some more
– each episode contains 12 puzzles
– logical sandbox mechanisms and electronics
– save you can load anywhere on your device

game android Machineers

The disadvantages of the game Machineers:
– the game is paid
– when will the new episodes too, they will be paid

The result: great game and worth a purchase and spend her time, same puzzles do not be afraid, they are very adequate and a little thought you will always be able to solve them, so don’t hesitate and download!


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