Kingdom Rush Frontiers – Continuation of the best Tower Defense.

Thank God, the developer of Ironhide Game Studio not scored a series of  beautiful Tower Defense and released a sequel. The game was named Kingdom Rush Frontiers and practically no different from its predecessor, in addition to new levels, enemies, the characters and abilities for 4 classic towers.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

The gameplay and management:

The essence of the game still is, to withstand the pressure wave variety of enemies and not allow them to destroy your castle. The game features 4 towers: archers, barracks, mages and guns. In addition, you, as the commander-in-chief, has the ability to call a meteor rain and call in reinforcements. Reloading of these skills takes time, so you should use them wisely. Also in the battle will be assisted by a hero who has more health, strength and skills than conventional fighters. Tower you can place the marked points. To get the gold for the construction of the towers, you need to destroy the enemies. For more gold you can get if you cause a wave of enemies before end the timer.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers.


After completing a level, you will get the stars, which can be spent on the improvement of the towers and abilities. Also, do not forget to send your hero in battle, that he might earn experience, and you, after the battle, its pump. Also, if you are a fan of making achievements, their in-game as much as 70 pieces, so the place to roam, you are sure to be. The game does not cause any difficulties, everything is quite primitive and convenient. To place the tower, you need to click on a piece of land with a checkbox, and then choose the type of tower which you want to place there. To use abilities, just click on it and then on the road, where you want to activate. To move a character, click on their avatar in the upper left corner, and then click a point on the road that he was moving there.

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Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics in the game remained absolutely unchanged, this is very good, since developers are still in the first game brought it to the state, when all looks perfect and original. The soundtrack sounds pleasing to the ears, I have no questions. Let us summarize: the Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a continuation of a well-balanced business strategy, where the main advantage over the enemy – this is a good tactic. This is a great game for tablet PC or smartphone, for which you long time. Enjoy the game!


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