King Oddball – Punish pitiful fellows!

Game for android

The evil king Oddball decided to take revenge on the people, because they had violated his peace, and for that he himself came down to earth and decided to destroy the entire enemy unit equipment with their heavy boulders. The game was named King Oddball and offers a set of 120+ levels that you have to go and thereby to clear all the land of the enemy units techniques.

Game for android King Oddball

The gameplay and management:

King Oddball uses a very interesting technique to fling it around boulders: he takes them with his powerful language and shoves a very high speed. You only have to choose the time at which you will have to let go of the boulder. If you have made a direct hit in the tank, it will explode immediately. With luck, you will be able to destroy all of the tanks at one time, but it should also be noted that the tanks can hide under the protective structures made of stone and clay, which you also have to destroy. You have 3 boulder that you can use it to destroy enemy vehicles and other bonus boulders that can earn in case of destruction of more than one technique one boulder.

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One interesting fact is that in the game there is no grading system, i.e. your main goal is simply to pass the level, destroying all enemy units. When you’ve completed a level, to beat him in the usual mode, it does not happen, but only when you open mode “Half-Diamonds” , which will allow you to pass already completed levels, but instead of the last boulder, you will have a huge crystal. Control in the game sold very simple and convenient: tap the screen at the right moment to release the boulder. Nothing more from you is not required. Physical model in the game itself, there are so you often will be able to pass the levels completely different ways.

King Oddball

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game is very pleased that perfect detail of all objects, fun atmosphere, smooth animation and excellent optimization. Separate commendable and well-chosen a soundtrack that will delight you during the game. Let’s sum up: King Oddball – a fun, free and very addictive arcade game, which is due to the absence of an assessment system that allows you to play for fun and not worry about how well you’ve completed a level. Also, you will enjoy beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay and convenient operation. Enjoy the game!

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