Ingress on android

This game is interesting and good in many ways, for example there is a cool story: it all begins in France, where scientists, not knowing where else to put its full potential to make an incredible discovery – they find a new kind of energy, unusual and mysterious. The main characteristic of this energy is the ability to change the way of thinking of the people interacting with it, which immediately opened up new horizons in science and security of mankind, because the energy will try to subdue the people themselves, the main thing is to gain control of it first!


Itself the opportunity to acquire new strength, new knowledge and encounter this energy can only dedicated, which includes all who downloaded the game, so everything is in your hands!

Ingress on android

The basic idea of the game is that it brings together people who are within a certain radius, causes them to move and turns your city into a field of combat operations, where there is a battle for human life!

Ingress android

But there is a clan of the resistance, who believes that the person to stay away from the unknown and this energy in particular, they will be hindered you, or you can join their ranks and fight for conservative operation interfering with others!

The pros of the game Ingress:

– not demanding your device
– soaked futuristic spirit
– a new stage of social games
– develops, integrates, tighten
– create alliances and coordinate their activities
– the entire project is fully free, no Donato

The cons of the game Ingress:

– the action in your mind’s eye
– quite complex
– requires permanent access to the Internet and geolocation
– very poor choice of languages, and without the native will be hard

Conclusion: a great game that is more global than we can imagine, this alone speaks in favor to download it, and besides, you didn’t lose. By the way the idea of the game the number of players, the more the better, and almost 10 million of its downloaded 😉


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