Ice Crush

Developers from Ezjoy continue to delight in new casual games, which, as usual, have colorful graphics, fun gameplay, with lots of levels, and a very simple control, which can handle even the children. Game for Android called Ice Crush and is already a favorite genre of games 3 in a row.” Developers have already managed to reach a new level of graphics and this game can please you even more colorful HD graphics, curves, special effects and the same simple controls as in the previous games.

Ice Crush
Gameplay and control:

Let’s start with the main differences that are evident. In the game you have your pet in the form of a snowman, which needs to be charged, destroying crystals on the player field. When he ballet charged, you will be able to destroy 5 randomly selected crystals on the playing field (although in most cases it certainly helps when it destroys the crystal, which you can’t get through combinations). Game mechanics are absolutely identical to the previous games from this developer.

Ice Crush1

Consuming more than 3 crystals at one time you will get special bonus crystal, which has a fairly powerful killing effect (strength of the effect will depend on how many crystals were destroyed to obtain it). Transfer the crystals can be fixed vertically or horizontally. If you swap the crystals with a loaded effect, they both will be destroyed and create a powerful effect. Your pet can be pumped, skamlova him with snowballs, which, by the way, it is quite difficult to earn. Management has remained unchanged since the time of the first games to change the crystals in places, use or gestures, or touch.

Ice Crush game
The graphics and soundtrack:

Visually the game looks simply amazing, the graphics are colorful, bright and saturated, the special effects and animation worked perfectly, with no problems with optimization. It is worth noting a high-quality soundtrack and sounds. To summarize: Ice Crush is another cool, casual game in portfolio Ezjoy, which will delight you with HD graphics, lots of levels and simple controls. The game is absolutely free, donut present and advertising too, so if you have any proposals for the development of the game, feel free to Express them in the comments on the official page in Google Play. Enjoy the game!


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