Highway Crash Derby – Thou shalt build the coolest accident…

Derby is cool! Race down the highway with heavy traffic is too cool! What happens if you mix these two very steep conditions? Right! To be very cool game for Android called Highway Crash Derby, in which your main task is to arrange a mass accident on the highway. The game boasts beautiful 3D graphics, basic physics of cars, very fun gameplay and simple controls.

Download Highway Crash Derby free

The gameplay and management:

This game can be called the runner, because before you arrange an accident, you need to go and collect the gold coins. Gold coins are used to purchase new machines, which will be even faster than the previous, and also for purchase of new charges of dynamite. Yes, the game also features dynamite with which each new accident becomes even more spectacular. The danger for you is not only heavy traffic on the highway, but police cars, which start for you to pursue, as soon as you notice it. And the saddest thing is that if they have at least a little to touch you, you instantly lose control, and on the road begins this house.

Download Highway Crash Derby

But if you managed to get them to crash into another car, you will immediately receive +50 gold coins. The accident is very easy to arrange, but to do it correctly, because if one of the sides of the highway will boom, you will not be able to influence the traffic on the opposite side of the road, and it almost immediately affects the amount of damage you can inflict. Management is based on a simple gestures, and master it can even a child. The car goes by yourself, you have no brakes, and to move along the lines need to make gestures to the left or right. After you have been in an accident, you can blow up a car as many times as you need.

Download Highway Crash Derby.

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphics in the game for a solid 4, the drill is very good, the special effects are also present, but physics is, of course, horror, because the car flew up into the air and falls down as if it were no match for the tone, but some fluff. To optimize I have no questions, here the developers have done their best. The soundtrack in the game is missing, which, of course, very sorry. To summarize: Highway Crash Derby is a very exciting time-killer, which, though not allocated any special gameplay innovations, but can offer a well-designed gameplay, beautiful graphics and simple controls. The game is free, Donat the game has, but without it you can safely through the game. Enjoy the game!


Download Highway Crash Derby free


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