Hell Fire Fighter King – it’s time to deal with lawlessness crime.

Game for android

The plot of the game is pretty vague, but it is the case when such a small thing as the absence of well thought history can simply not pay attention, it is still in gameplay it any influence to have no power, so if you wish to use your imagination and come up with the plot of the plot themselves, but it’s easier just to Shine scoreboard everyone who will meet without any cutting.

android Hell Fire Fighter King

Take out the enemies

These games there is a huge amount, not only on Android, but also on consoles, if not on the nes, Sega’s for sure. The task can be formulated in one sentence – kill all, it’s another matter that these will resist all, forces, nobody likes when his kill. The game is divided into small levels including several mass fights. To say that the fight is not equal, it’s still nothing to say, your fighter-alone will oppose the multitude of bandits attacking from all sides. At first, the enemies are weak and not armed, but more will be much more interesting, they will start to hide behind the shields, and sometimes to shoot at you from a shotgun or machine guns, depending on the selected difficulty level will vary their aggressiveness, if you are looking for a light workout choose the easiest, if you want every moment to wonder how you have not killed – choose the hard stuff.

Game for android Hell Fire Fighter King

At the level except the enemies will be more and different items that can be destroyed, it may be a crate, barrel, or machine, just be careful, usually after you broke another subject to attack you another bunch of enemies. Control in the game is simple and understandable, in the left part of the screen you will find a virtual joystick responsible for the movement, on the right side button strike and a scattering of smaller buttons responsible for skills. At first they will be empty, but later you will be able to buy the ability to get their fill. Skills cost money, which is never enough so donut game is present in full.

Game Hell Fire Fighter King


Graphics will appeal primarily to fans of old school game blows the nostalgia for shestnadtsatiletnij chart. Hand-drawn effects, a simple animation – all this is quite good, if not to wait for the game too much.

Game for android Hell Fire Fighter King

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