HELI HELL for android

The unusual name of the game is a short for “helicopter” and “hell”, that perfectly reflects what is happening – a little after in the beginning you will find yourself in hell! Many enemies all firing at you, circle explosions… hell, war and helicopters – that’s what awaits you in this action!
As in many other scrolling shooters (this is the game genre and is) everything is very simple – to fly forward and shoot enemies, Dodge their shots and collect bonuses, this will be more than enough to complete any mission. Needless to practice harder, plus you will be given a different mission, which still boils down to the need to fly and shoot, sometimes even fighting bosses, anyway – nothing new.


Stand out in this genre is difficult, but rather just go with the flow and be somewhere in the thread there this game and fell. The schedule here is good but not shocking or drilling effects, gameplay member, the job also, the variety is there, but, again, is average, remained so popular, too, somewhere in the middle tier was released, because it is far from it.

The advantages and features of the game HELI HELL:

– the helicopters! which only four… but it’s better than one strange ship
– 16 weapons
– four types of super weapons
– more than three dozen different enemies
– unforgettable boss battles
– multiple game modes
– statistics victories in Facebook
– the game is free

The disadvantages of the game HELI HELL:
– bad optimization – brakes on many devices not dependent on power
– not the most convenient control
– is advertising
Conclusion: the ordinary representative of the genre, the game is recommended for fans of helicopters or those who loves scrolling shooters, especially it is hoped that developers will deal with lags which the game literally haunting.


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