HD camera for Android

In every modern Android Luggage, they differ depending on the version of Android, but in most cases they are not the best. We are not talking about physics – optics and other matters, namely the built-in program that allows you to take pictures. In my case there are some problems with focusing, and the last version of Android that wasn’t it, and quite possibly on other versions of the firmware have their small schools. Anyway plenty of programs that will offer you an alternative shell for the camera. Many offer unprecedented effects or super quality, but often the owner is to replace the regular program something similar, but without the disadvantages.

HD камера для Android

Unfortunately, this program deficiencies were identified immediately, critical them not to call, but also unsolvable. For a start, settings menu – it is called directly from the screen, and you receive an arc which has the basic settings by clicking in the middle of which you will get a small menu, move in an arc need finger, and to enter you need to click on the screen, if the habit to press the “back” button on your phone, then you will leave the program itself. In the settings there is nothing interesting, more than the standard, plus there is no option to turn off the shutter sound, which is very annoying.

HD camera for Android

Of the positive points I want to note that photographing the program a little better, solely due to good focus, which, by the way, the touch screen can be shifted to any location in the frame. On the other hand, if your current camera to focus, too, everything is in order, then you have nothing to lose, and will not acquire, in addition to the shutter sound and features panoramic shooting.

HD for Android
Pros application HD camera for Android:

– easy application
– good focus
– there are several interesting modes
– no advertising and other in-app purchases

HD camera Android
Cons app HD camera for Android:
– the menu is very inconvenient
– settings could be more
– the shutter sound is annoying and not disabled
– the increase in “productivity” questionable

Conclusion: the application of the magic of this program is not shown, but it may be useful to some users, so the recommendation is simple – you can download and watch, help – well, do not help, remove and try other options, which, fortunately, a great many.


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