GrooVe IP for Android

GrooVe IP for Android is a handy application that is a VOIP client and ensures free access of users to the Google Voice service. The main purpose of the program is cheaper international and long distance calls to mobile devices. On assurances app creators, comparing the rates used here, in the middle you can save up to 95 percent of the costs of communicating with their relatives and colleagues. So, for example, to call from USA to Poland users can just 6 cents per minute, also between certain countries of the free communication.

Download GrooVe IP for Android

Today free calls on Android with the help of this application is performed by the residents of the 39 countries – participants of the contract, which according to the users communication in General is just great and the quality is not inferior to that provided by the mobile operators. Pleases and the program interface, here everything is simple and clear, and to deal with the setting can even novice user smartphones and tablets. No doubt application will be useful for all those who like to travel and to people who by profession has regularly travel around the world.

Download GrooVe IP  Android

Download GrooVe IP for Android, you can absolutely free of charge on our website.

Download GrooVe IP for Android

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