Gravity Transformer for android

The game is very similar to RunBot, as not cool! There is also a robot, he’s somewhere runs, the same is not very comfortable… even the world something similar on some parts of the last game! Only this time we do not face any story, it is not here and is not planned. Moreover, perceived the game as scarce and cropped version of RunBot, and indeed, there is here and their posts. For example in this game also have a donut, and you will sell everything, even games Sims! The choice of the robots there, but the only free one, in General I recommend and use.

Gravity Transformer

As for the rest.
The design of the game can hardly be called successful, like the same future and all its bonuses for design, but no… simple textures, lack of attention to detail and a lot of other shortcomings not leave the best impression.
The gameplay is complex, and this is due largely without any obstacles, and to the fact that the camera view will change and there is the ability to fly, have to navigate between different planes, and this is quite problematic, so the crash will often benefit in the direction of travel can be collected shields that will protect you for a while. The only thing that commendable is the mechanics and movement of the robot, which will appeal even to those who are ready to find fault with anything, somehow pleased with the game 😉

Gravity Transformer android

The advantages and features of the game Gravity Transformer:

– futuristic world
– there are leaderboards
– good physics and mechanics
– smooth control
– many different missions and tasks
– the game is free

Gravity Transformer for android
The disadvantages of the game Gravity Transformer:
– the lack of plot
– bad clone of the game RunBot
– Donat
Conclusion: steep clones is a myth, to destroy which almost nobody has been able, we have the same problem, so the conclusion is quite simple, if you choose to fight with a robot download RunBot, if you have already played, download this, but the experience will be relevant…


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