Google Play 4.9.13

Hello everyone, today we will talk about the update of the Google Play store. The new version has a number 4.9.13 and in two weeks will be available for all Android devices.

In General, all remained the same, but if you go into a menu specific applications or games, you’ll see a new design Material Design. Material Design

Google Play 4.9.13

The main splash screen is bigger, and is now located in the upper part, below is a brief information and buttons of possible actions.

In the next window displays the application rating, genre, and similar games.

3 window offers us a brief description that opens fully when pressed.

4 the available screenshots, they propityvayutsya horizontally, any icons movements no, looks minimalistic and in my opinion very nice.

Google Play 4.9.13

Further below you can find comments and the usual items.

Let me remind you that this is only the first update, I think that in the release of L Android, Google Play is completely transformed.

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