Game for android Traffic Racer

Game for Android

Traffic Racer game is simply stunning, modern racing game for Android. Besides, this game is still an important milestone in the development of arcade racing in General. Here you basically have to do the same as in any other game of this genre is to rush forward on busy highway, in every way trying to avoid collisions with other cars and all sorts of obstacles, so suddenly appearing in your way.

Game for android

Features Traffic Racer v 1.6.5 for Android:

stunning three-dimensional graphics;
high-quality rendering of models of cars;
several game modes;
the possibility to select one of 5 cars;
upgradeability cars;
the possibility of replay;
over 15 models of traffic.
Starting the game, you will be able to choose your favorite machine. Of course, initially choose something special and nothing. But over time, as having accumulated the required amount, you can not only buy new, more effective and powerful cars, but to upgrade them.

Traffic Racer

The game includes 4 types of races, which will allow you to preserve your interest in the game. For each round, the player will be awarded monetary compensation, the amount of which depends on the speed of passage of a line.

Game for android Traffic Racer

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