Game for android Marine‘s World

The game Marine’s World represents rather qualitative and visually a little processed Mario’s clone similarity with which is looked through absolutely in everything. Creation of such clone can seem nonsense but if to understand, what we have now? There is an unconditional favourite — three parts of Leps World, each of which is very popular and has a huge number of loadings. There are two parts of Mike’s World which are made worse and have the corresponding popularity. Still there are some other World which are even worse and the attention isn’t deserved in general. So why and not to catch a qualitative clone which Lepsu will compete?

Game for android Marine‘s World

Registration and gameplay.
As you already understood — to wait for something new it isn’t necessary. Game is made a platformer, your purpose to run forward, collecting coins, breaking the head bricks, going down in pipes and being careful of monsters, which on classics of a genre of two, at most three views of level. Levels need to be passed for a while, but it is quite enough of it so it is possible not to hurry especially. Will be here and abysses over which it is necessary to jump and trampolines, which are capable to throw you and logical end of each level, at the end of which your hero hoists the colors.
Game quite adequately, graphics, by itself, simple, drawn is issued, but characters and an environment are made bright and positive. Management was made too classical, practically as on the dandy — at the left on the screen there will be a crosspiece, on the right two buttons — “And” and “In”, here, actually and all 😉

Game Marine‘s World
Features of the game Marine’s World:

– pass three different worlds
– in game of the whole 75 levels!
– simple management
– good animation
– classical postscoring
– game free

Marine‘s World
Shortcomings of the game Marine’s World:
– it is a lot of advertizing
– the clone will never be better than the original
– owing to that that game rather simple, is taken place instantly
Result: normal game, especially if not to forget that is a clone that to cloning — is rather qualitative, whether we will look it will be able to compete with other clones… war of clones, in a word!


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