Game for android Godzilla: Strike Zone

Game for android

Godzilla: Strike Zone – addictive free game, an idea which comes from the same movie made famous by the American Studio Warner Bros.

The first thing that comes to all of us in the head, when we see the name of the game Godzilla: Strike Zone is of course the thought of a big scary monster that is destroying the city and which, many of the players who hope to manage. But we need you, can you, frustrate, or maybe Vice versa, to please, to destroy the city in this game is not necessary, as to manage Godzilla, your mission here is quite different. In this game you have to do just the opposite, that is, to save people from a terrible monster.

android Godzilla

Your mission is difficult and dangerous, because you are a member of pen military heroes who were sent to deal with Godzilla. During the game you will experience breathtaking high-altitude jumps, where you will fly to earth, dodging huge skyscrapers, you will conduct a rescue operation to protect people and their salvation from the turmoil around in the heart of San Francisco.

Game for android

The game Godzilla: Strike Zone v1.0.0 for Android starts so that you just have to jump into the black clouds that you will find on – one unknown. The style that made the game – the film that makes it even more close to the original idea in the film and gives special appeal.

Godzilla Strike Zone

The only disadvantage of this game is that the number of missions there is regrettably little, since starting to play, you can’t stop and want more and more. But however, will have to satisfy themselves with what is, and to show courage in existing missions, where people really you need.

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