Funny Gun

Game for android

As mentioned above, this game is the game offers You to become a Sheriff of a small but violent town, full of bandits of all kinds: from simple thieves cattle to the gang of thugs, eager to Rob the local Bank. As with any law enforcement officer, You’re supposed wide-brimmed hat, Sheriff star and… revolvers with ammo. What next? Of course, to go for a shootout with a criminal figures!

Funny Gun for Android

The gameplay is a simple clicker, where You will have to do is tap on the icon of the enemy to the main character made the shot and killed the gunman. However, instead of the expected casual games, You will find a very bright and incredibly fun arcade game. The fact that the world interacts with users, so if you destroy the gate, you can see how a thief trying to get the cow, and prostredim in a barrel of wine hole, come running alcoholics-gangsters.

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Also do not forget about the peaceful citizens. If you get on pretty young lady, contrary to expectations, it will not faint or die, and would get no less dangerous gun and Rob You of your pants. No less dangerous are Indians – these red-faced snipers in one shot deprived of all lives, so try to refrain from shooting in their direction.


The schedule was released under a Appendix: a bright, interesting and memorable. If the background can be overlooked, funny animations and no less intriguing voice acting is simply impossible. And designers, and animators did a good job, as each bandit and a thug is different emotions and habits, not to mention comic death.

Download Funny Gun for Android

However, music… surprised. If You expect to hear classical music, the genre Western, it will not. Instead, they give the opportunity to enjoy good, but slightly monotonous melody, which quickly takes off from the head.

Download Funny Gun for Android


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