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The developers of the company Ninja Theory in 2013 issued its first fighting game on iOS. And now, after the game has finally made its way to Android users. Game for Android called Fightback will tell the story of a former military named Jack, who came to his sister, but did not have time to stay with her and day, as it was once a good friend, but now the main antagonist, stole sister. Now Jack will fight through all known gang in the city and get to the main rival Drago. The game boasts beautiful 3D graphics, crazy dynamics of the battle, which captures from the first minutes of the game, very fun gameplay, as you have to perform a large number of combos not only in order to receive the next portion of points, but just to survive. In addition, the game is extremely simple operation and reasonable Donat system.

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The gameplay and management:

The game is divided into special areas, each of which is a building gangs. Each building has a large enough number of floors (levels), and that you have to go to earn money. The game has two game currency is the bucks and gold. Second, by itself, is not free, and earn it, you can only build better. The bucks spent on pumping the two main characteristics of the main hero – the power and protection. For them you can buy ammo for your weapons, upgrades and flak jackets. Each level consists of a certain number of stages in which you have to fight with different number of fighters from gangs.

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However, it is worth noting that no one will wait until you fight with one fighter, and then the second, and they all together we shall be happy to thrash you, and your main advantage is a powerful blows and evasion, without which it is to live in this game is simply impossible. Management made a very simple and convenient. Wait until the enemy come near, and then press the screen to make punches. After this, can make a gesture to the right or to the left to kick. Gesture down will allow you to turn aside from any strike, as a gesture diagonally to the right or to the left will allow you to throw the enemy, and then beautifully “knead” his fists or feet. The maximum score for the level – it 5 stars, which are very hard to earn, because you need to keep in record time, earn specified at the beginning of level number of points and not get a single shot. Cope?

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game looks very nice, animation and special effects developed at the appropriate level, and optimization beyond praise, especially considering that the game is developed on the Unity engine. The soundtrack sounds perfectly matched. To summarize: Fightback is a very dynamic fighting game that you will enjoy beautiful graphics, very fun gameplay and simple control. The game is free, Donat is present and may in the future will greatly affect the game. Enjoy the game!

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