European War 4 Napoleon

Game for android

Already in fourth time the company EasyTech offers us the same idea, slightly me execution. We are invited to take part in the largest global conflicts, and this time we will go into the 18th century, a time of extremely uneasy not only for Europe but also for the New world, with each country struggling for their borders and political map was redrawn as often as changing the ruler States.

Game for android European War 4 Napoleon

Classics without modifications

As you have before us step-by-step strategy, as well as the previous three parts of the game on Android. Directly in the battles you to participate not happen, your role is much bigger, you will lead the movement of your troops, to build, to prepare new units and of course to give orders whom to attack. Although in the name of the game and appears Napoleon, this does not mean that play you happen exclusively on the side of France, the game is over eighty missions, for the most different countries and different commanders, their numbers have and our glorious Kutuzov.

android European War 4 Napoleon

Haste is a bad adviser in this case, you’ll walk on stage with opponents, but no timer in the game, so you can think over your strategy slowly and carefully, and then make the moves and then to be able to observe the actions of the enemies, or not calmly, if these actions are directed against you. All the units in the game is unique, so before attacking squad seemingly weaker, you can read its characteristics, in order not to suffer a shameful defeat. The battle will be deployed not only on land but at sea, where you will be able to attack the ships of the opponent is not so much their ships, but also with coastal FORTS. To speak about the management does not make sense, everything is intuitive, once you tap on any squad, as you start to see those parts of a map on which you can move and those groups that can be attacked, just remember that more than once per turn, no one to attack cannot.

Game European War 4 Napoleon


If you played the previous part, you can easily learn in the present part of the continuation of the series, since little has changed in graphic terms. The same nondescript card, painted in different colors on the borders of the States, the same static troops, the battle with just animirovannye and slightly priukrasheny special effects. If you are looking for beautiful pictures, here you will not find it, but given that we have the strategy, to call it a lack of well nothing, rather it is a feature.

Game for android European War 4 Napoleon

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