ESET NOD32 Mobile Security for Android

Antivirus for android

ESET NOD32 Mobile Security is a comprehensive solution for security, protecting your device is a smartphone or an Android tablet.

The application protects against known and emerging mobile threats, phishing sites, filters out unwanted calls and SMS-messages and allows you to control the device remotely in case of its loss or theft.

ESET NOD32 Mobile Security for Android

Mobile antivirus application from ESET includes features antivirus, anti-Theft, anti-Phishing, anti-Spam and security Check system and applications.
New in ESET NOD32 Mobile Security 3.0

New in version 3.0.937.0
•Improve cloud scanning
• Optimization of the portal Anti-theft on
• Fixed bugs

Proactive “Theft”

– Automatically sends the location of the device in case of the critical battery level
– Automatically changes the status to “suspect” after connecting the wrong SIM card input the wrong PIN-code or pattern

Online-management-Theft on the web-portal

ESET NOD32 Mobile Security for Android

– Control of all functions of Theft over the Internet
– Protection of the laptop, smartphone and tablet on the same web portal
– The function determining the device location via GPS or Wi-Fi, photos from both chambers, sending messages to the screen and remote siren
The main advantage of ESET NOD32 Mobile Security

• Anti-virus Scans your device using level 3 check – Fast/Intelligent/Deep.

• Setup wizard-Theft: configuring anti-Theft settings with a few simple steps.

• Antiphishing Protects passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data from phishing attacks.

• Security check: Finds the currently installed on the device applications use paid services, trace your location, have access to personal data or your messages and contacts.

• Other minor improvements and changes:

– Fully recycled interface for tablets
– Adjustable notification icons in the status bar
– Scheduled scan
– Background check
– Filtering calls and SMS in a specific time
– Built-in USSD-control
– Advanced protection against newly discovered vulnerabilities Android Master Key
Key features of ESET NOD32 Mobile Security for Android

• Antivirus

Module anti-virus protects your device from malicious code by blocking threats, and then delete or move to quarantine.

– Protection in real time
– The level of scanning: Fast, Intelligent, Deep
– Scanning of threats, scheduled Premium
– Automatic database updates of the virus signature Premium
– Cloud technology, ESET Live Grid
– Detection of potentially unwanted applications
– Detection of potentially dangerous applications

• Theft

The “Theft” prevents unauthorized access to your mobile device.

In case of lost or stolen device by using the anti-Theft ESET NOD32 Mobile Security for Android, you can do the following:

– Search, lock and flush the device with the help of SMS-messages.
– Connect the device to your account and monitoring of its actions via the Internet. Premium
– Displays the location on the map. Premium
– The opportunity to see the face of someone who has found the device on the photos from your camera device. Premium
– Notification of the insert into the device unauthorized SIM card. Premium
– Notification when trying to unlock the device by using the wrong code. Premium
– Sending messages to the person who found the device. Premium

SMS command

Manage ESET anti-Theft, sending from any phone on your device the following commands:

– Blocking of the device:
eset password lock

– Blocking the device and the audio playback
eset siren password

Find device with GPS
eset find password

– Delete the data on your device
eset wipe password

If you lose your device, or someone will steal it and replace your SIM card to a new (non-trusted), the device is automatically locked ESET NOD32 Mobile Security, and the rooms will be sent SMS-message. It will include the phone number of the new SIM card inserted, the IMSI and IMEI number. An unauthorized user does not know that you are sending the message, as it will be automatically removed from the dialogs section “Messages”. In addition, you can request the GPS coordinates of their lost mobile device or remotely wipe all data stored on the device.

• Filtering calls and SMS messages (anti-Spam) Premium

Filtering calls and SMS block incoming SMS and MMS messages, as well as incoming and outgoing calls based on your rules.

• Anti-Phishing Premium

Always enable the Phishing filter. All potential phishing attacks coming from the web sites or domains that are listed in the database of malware ESET will be blocked, then a warning message will appear informing them about the attack.

The anti-phishing integrates into the most popular web browser, available in the Android OS (for example, Chrome, or a web browser by default Android). The list of supported browsers tested before the release of this version installed ESET NOD32 Mobile Security.

• Security check Premium

Security check helps to control and change important settings of the device and the permissions of the installed applications to prevent security threats.

Attention! Some features of ESET NOD32 Mobile Security for Android (for example, Theft and Filtering calls and SMS) are not available in tablets that do not support calls and messaging.

ESET NOD32 Mobile Security for Android

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