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Game Road Crossing made a small revolution in the genre of arcade games and time killers with though not radically new, but very interesting and addictive game mechanics. Of course, most developers could not take advantage of the popularity and not “cut” of the money, so started making clones.

Download  Crossing Dead

Thank God that most users despise it purebred clones that are virtually indistinguishable from the original. The developers of the Game for Android called The Crossing Dead also copied the familiar game mechanics, but added a couple of important gameplay elements that made the game unique and really much interesting.

They just added the zombie Apocalypse and guns. It seems simple, but believe me, if you played the Crossing Road, and then will play in this game, you are unlikely to return. The game will please you with an almost identical LowPoly graphics, more fun gameplay and simple controls.

Download The Crossing Dead
Gameplay and control:

The meaning of the game is the same: you start in a random place on the map and have to move forward, collecting coins along the way and trying not to fall into the river, not to get under the car, not to join the broken wires are power lines, not to get hit by a burning barrel or a car bomb.

But unlike its original, the game you can move in any direction including backwards, ie, for example, imagine the situation that you were lucky and at a distance of two hops before you have two weapons – laser rifle and a shotgun, and ahead of a lot of zombies. You can shoot all the bullets from the shotgun, and then come back, pick up a laser rifle and make a zombie “warm” reception.

After a certain time you can get gold coins from the boxes, and get extra coins by watching a video advertisement. Gold can be spent on leveling bonuses and the opening of the new characters that’s definitely more than 20. Control is implemented by means of gestures and virtual buttons. To jump forward, press on the screen or slide the screen up, and if you need to jump to the other side, then make the appropriate gesture. When you pick up a weapon, you would see the buttons, which are responsible for the shooting.
Graphics and soundtrack:

Visually, the game is virtually indistinguishable from the original, though the developers, of course, made more gloomy atmosphere, added good effects, but optimization remains at a high level. The soundtrack is missing, but the sound effects are matched perfectly.

To summarize: The Crossing of Dead is difficult to call a clone, because the game quality is partly even exceeded their original, so to install it you fail. Is free, Donat is present, but just will not spoil the impression of the game. Enjoy the game!

Download The Crossing Dead


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