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Hi. If you want to download and install showbox on your device, then you have reached the right place. Show Box (TV series for Android) is a free program with which you can enjoy movies and TV shows with high quality sound.

Wonderful selection of paintings with excellent navigation. The app works perfectly on phones and on tablets.

A big plus of the ShowBox can be called a minimal amount of advertising. If you have it somewhere and will meet, when viewing the annoying banner ads to see just do not have.Download ShowBox

Our website offers two versions of the Show Box and both versions are completely ad-free (AdFree). If set to English in system settings, delete the app and launch it again, there will be a tab with movies.

However, you will be viewing are all the same with a soundtrack of the original, i.e. English.

The Showbox application gives you the opportunity to have access to a huge database of movies and cartoons, as well as views TV shows online on your Android device.

To your attention we offer for download apk file showbox app several types of versions. It gives you download as a new version of the app later.

Download  showbox app, install and watch your favorite movies.

A large part of the film has been restored and is available for viewing. Movies in which you can choose the extension you can view and download without any problems. Movies in which no lines of the choice of extension is not yet uploaded to the server, but we’re working on it. As for TV shows, we can’t restore all at once for a few days (work is currently under way which was done a few years), please be patient. Once you have recovered all the films, our team will restore all the TV shows. Thank you for your patience and understanding…

All files are checked antivirus Dr. web and Kaspersky:


Enjoy your movies, serials

One of the many advantages of the app is good design, and optimization for tablets. During the transition to a TV series or movie, the app presents the information and a banner or annotation to selected video and a short trailer.

Download ShowBox app watch your favourite TV shows in real-time.

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207 thoughts on “Download Showbox apk file

  1. Accidentally deleted app and now it won’t download. Anyone else have this problem? Already checked security settings theyre all fine.

    1. You have to physically go into your downloads and install then follow from there my settings were off to not allow the app and had to turn them on.. Wierd!
      But it worked.

  2. Having issue downloading showbox. I accidentally deleted the app and now it downloads but something about can’t scan file with numbers behind it

  3. I’ve downloaded the latest version, but it will not install. It runs through the install process and then says “application not installed”. Any idea why?

    1. I’m Having The Same Issue As You Are, Have You Found Out What The Problem Is????
      I’ve Tried It Five (5) Times, And It Just Won’t Install!!!! Can You Give Me Some Advice??????

      1. We found two reasons which form the mistake, now our programmers are trying to fix it without breaking the application completely

  4. I try downloading and watching tv shows and everytime I pick an episode it stops working. Every time… please fix 🙁
    I cant watch or download anything, it keeps telling me “Unfortunately, Showbox has stopped working”

  5. Can you please fix the Naruto Shippuden TV show it keeps telling me that I can’t watch a certain episode mainly from the seasons 11 through 12 and every time I try to switch the server that I’m on it won’t allow me to because I only have server 3. Says error please switch to different server Like I said I only have server 3

  6. Is there a new version coming up, where the tv shows are easy to download and won’t shut down the app everytime one is picked…

  7. I have downloaded shoebox for my android phone it all went fine but it’s not on my phone I did it 4times ever time it’s says complete but it’s still not on my phone can you help as it’s a good app

  8. Hi there I download the latest file for my Android but the install button does not work cancel works fine pls help work this.

  9. I am trying to put it on my tablet but the installation button doesn’t work, only the cancel button. How can I download it?

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