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Game for android

Why do you think hunt pirates? Yes, treasures, gold etc. – it’s the norm and clear. But what else is there in the integral attributes of piracy? Okay, so simmer. This sea songs that were also used and the pirates, and they called Shanti. It is their and have to collect in the game for Android called Scurvy Scallywags. All the pirates so strongly believe in one interesting prophecy that sharply went looking all 15 songs Shanti, which are scattered in various parts of the sea. You have to collect all 15 Shanti and battle with huge quantity of not only the undead, but the pirates, who would not give up their treasures. The game boasts excellent style, funny jokes (unfortunately, in English, so some will be difficult to understand), fun gameplay, which will require you care and pre Mature moves, and is easy to master control.

Game for android

The gameplay and management:

In the game you have to travel to the Islands in search of the most Shanti and finding hope of victory. After you move to the island, you need to go through all the checkpoints. That’s it from a checkpoint and starts the game itself, which is a puzzle game genre “3 in a row.” All you need to do is to destroy the enemy, regular undead, which, however, can easily chop you to pieces if you do not collect the required energy.

Scurvy Scallywags

To attack the enemy, first look at the level of his power (the number in the lower right corner), and then look at your level of strength and start collecting purple chips with swords, since they will increase your strength. The rest of the chips can destroy as much as they give nothing. If the enemy managed to get to you earlier, you can use special skills and jump over to the other point of the playing field or to fight. But if your power level is lower, then you will simply lose one heart health (local energy being recovered within 30 minutes).process in the game is very simple and is based on gestures.

Download  Scurvy Scallywags

Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game will delight everyone, thanks to the excellent atmosphere and cool design, in the spirit of piracy. Soundtrack songs Shanti and sounds is another huge plus of the game. To summarize: Scurvy Scallywags is a cool puzzle genre “3 in a row”that will give you a beautiful and original graphics style, fun gameplay, soundtrack and convenient operation. The game is free, Donat is present, but unobtrusive, therefore, do not forget to thank the developers for its assessment on Google Play. Enjoy the game!

Download Game for android Scurvy Scallywags

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