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Browser for Android

Opera Mini 7 – Probably a Web browser for Android.

Opera Mini 7 android
Super fast web browser Opera Mini 7 mobile applies compress web pages, thereby increasing the speed of loading and saving your money when mobile Internet. Opera Mini 7 for Android constantly uses data compression technology on a dedicated powerful server, and only after compression delivers data on the phone already compressed. In addition, the Internet browser Opera Mini 7 reduces traffic up to 10 times, allowing considerably to reduce expenses for mobile Internet.

Opera Mini 7
* The synchronization of web sites bookmarks, speed dial, passwords, and other things using Opera Link.
File track innovative user interface of the new generation for Android devices.
* Data compression on the Opera servers with no load on your device.
File track convenient viewing HTML documents and web pages.
* The zoom function or Browse pages entirely.
* The support tab and the multi touch.

Download Opera Mini browser

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