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It seems that the developers of Coconut Island Games decided to make a really hellish combo, combining in one game the kittens, the Tower Defense genre and the genre Runner. What came out of it? And it turned out just an incredibly cool game for Android called Naughtly Kities.

The story is set on the planet of Cats, which was attacked by aliens and has managed to kill all adults. Only the small kittens that decided to go on a spaceship on the run, but met strong resistance from the aliens. Kittens need your help, because without a good commander, they just are unlikely to survive. The game will delight you with cute kittens and beautiful graphics, very fun gameplay and surprisingly simple operation.

Download Naughty Kitties
Gameplay and control:

In the background is the Runner genre and the ship is constantly flies forward without your control. Then comes into play the Tower Defense genre, where you need to place the kittens in such a way as to provide a good protection. Kittens taken from a special block in the lower left corner, but note that they are generated randomly. Therefore, if the slot is appeared unwanted kitten, you can reset it (don’t worry, they have a balloon that will lift them up, so they’re definitely not broken) by dragging on an empty seat.

Download Naughty Kitties free

Enemies, of course, not just fly around and wait until you destroy them and shoot back at your ship, which needs to be repaired using special cat repairman. Tell you a secret that if you collect 3 of the same cat, then activated super power that allows them to shoot much faster and deals massive damage. But here it is worth mentioning a small detail. Not depending, special skill activated now or not, kittens get tired long shoot and you need not to forget to change them, or go without protection.

In the menu you can spend earned gold at improving kittens, vehicle, purchasing a new vehicle and needed to buy food, because a well-fed soldier is an effective soldier, the more kittens you will love even more if you give them a bowl of delicious food. The control is by means of familiar gestures, nothing complicated.
Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics in the game are drawn, but that the effects that the animation is done at a very high level, and the kittens immediately cause tenderness. The soundtrack and sound effects matched perfectly, no complaints.

To summarize: Naughtly Kities is an unique blend of Tower Defense and Runner, which turned out, surprisingly, very, very addictive, plus, the kittens definitely pull this game. In addition, the game is free, Donat is present, even in the form of energy, so long to play out. Enjoy the game!

Download Naughty Kitties free


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