Download Ice Rage on Android

The creators of Death Rally and then, by definition, can not create a bad game. Actually, it is something that explains the name of the game: “Icе Rage. What associations? Of course, hockey! But not easy, and “Groovy”: the team consists of only two players – goalkeeper + striker. I will say, it is easy? We’ll see about that.

Download Ice Rage on Android

The game field during the game you can see a whole. on the left is your gateway, the right – hand of the enemy; the control is performed by the virtual joystick and only (also virtual, of course) button is hit. A blow with a stick on the puck, and not the one that you’re thinking.

The game has three modes: tournament, fight and quick match. It is clear that the tournament will pass through a number of matches to do the coolest hockey couple. It will be for you the praise and honor. Quick match is normal, as out of the tournament, only it does not influence. Clash, in some way, hockey survival: opponents are replaced from the weakest to the strongest, and the question is, how long you can last.

Download Ice Rage

Also there is a choice of the player. Here and zombies, and the lumberjack, and the cat, and different athletes, and is specially for the Russian bear. And players for “red” and “blue” parties are different. And then there’s multiplayer, yeah. For two players on the same device. Have a friend-hockey player? Call him to a duel! And not hockey player call. Other things are always more fun.

Ice Rage on Android

The graphics are unique: it is well-executed, but the style peculiar – bit “plastic”. At that, all in 3D and looks quite naturally. Drawing game elements at the highest level!

It remains to note that the developers of the game are final and are not considered. Errors are corrected, new characters are added, the game users more like it. All right, all as it should be.

Download Ice Rage on Android

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