Download game for Android Swordigo

Swordigo – great free platformer in which you will have to jump, run, fight, and do everything possible and impossible so that your hero has survived in this big world. Your task will be to explore the magic Kingdom, passing through difficult dark dungeon, the battle with monsters and self-training your character. In your Arsenal will be a variety of powerful weapons and effective spells that will make the game doubly interesting.


In the game you happen to fighting with swords, you will use spells, you will encounter the boss, your character will be the ability to update and a huge amount of “research”. This game offers you to explore dark caves and dungeons, which illuminated dynamic and atmospheric lighting.

game Swordigo

From the very beginning of the game, what is your character is only a sword, and all that he knows how to jump and move. Step by step, his fighting baggage will be expanded with spells. In a game there are 4 spells, three of which can be used against his own enemies. All spells have the ability to somehow change level; for example, a spell you can hit the switch or try to blow up the wall. At almost every level you will find a unique test. If misfortune happens, and your main character will die, you will have to start the game over from the last checkpoint; but there is also a way to avoid death, by returning to the city, or using the healing on the spot.

game for Android Swordigo

In the game Swordigo v1.2 for Android is used 2.5D-model charts. Convenient and accurate touch-games designed specifically for iOS devices. Achievements in the game are obtained through the Game Center and OpenFeint. Configuration management is very convenient and made in accordance with your preferences. Also the game has the possibility of using iCloud for synchronization of savegames between the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Download game for Android Swordigo

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