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Danger Dash – free runner, where your characters need to perform various tasks, solve puzzles and collect interesting artifacts, as most real hunter values. He is to run forward and not to stop even for a second.

Download Game Danger Dash

In the whole world runners of various kinds have proved themselves as excellent destroyers free, but boring time on the road or at home, in traffic or at any other place, but because many of these games appear almost every day in order to diversify the choice for users and not let them get bored with the standard games. A recent trend is the complication of the genre, the emergence of new features, improving the quality of graphics and consequently, improve quality of products offered. Glad that offered to you at this point the game fully meets all the requirements of today’s market. It is filled with interesting plot, executed in excellent graphics and meets all the requested parameters even very demanding players. Also it can be called quite democratic in terms of graphics and optimization.

Download Danger Dash

The game is Danger Dash v1.0.0 for Android will tell you and your protagonist of the importance of the ability to run. For a start, the game will present you a solid reason to run and this reason will be five angry tigers that will be for you to pursue. In this situation, as you understand, it is best to show all your sprint finish that you can find. It should also take into account that on the horizon there is no one who could help you, and this motivates them to accelerate their pace even more.

Who is Dangerous dash and what started it in the Indian jungles, no one knows until the end of the game it will remain a mystery, shrouded in mystery. The main thing on what you need to focus and what you need to think about at the moment is how to get out of this maze of trees and towns, long-forgotten people.

Game Danger Dash

The principle of running the game fairly standard – you have the road is divided into three bands. Almost at every step – placed obstacles, among which collapsed trees, stone piles, columns ancient buildings and other objects, collision with which threatens not very pleasant consequences. But even in that case, if you encounter this failure, and you will encounter some things on the way, it does not mean the end of your game, because you can save your hero redeem him from the death of precious stones.

Quite unusual is the fact here is that bonuses as there are virtually none. There are only boxes with coins that only remind bonuses in the usual sense of the word. But on your way you will find the moderators and accelerators speed, which influence not only on the speed of your movement, but also to the multiplier points earned.

The graphics of the game are made in good style and leaves after playing a good impression. Your choice will be offered three different hero, you will visit dozens of locations and will feel yourself in the place of the main character. Run – and you will succeed.

Download Game Danger Dash

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