Download FxGuru: Movie FX Director on Android

Amazing application Fxguru must stand on all the gadgets with him mood rises for second, but most importantly with it can become the Director of your own videos. Now a lot of applications that can lift your mood, but only one allows you to shoot videos in which on the track in front of the house will fall satellite, or on the street will fly UFO. Amazing skeleton dance, cheer up, but the werewolf or zombies can be a little intimidating. Many different effects are waiting for their Directors, players will even be able to withdraw your news release.

Download FxGuru Movie FX Director

The application FxGuru: Movie FX Director for Android does not take much space, only 50Mb, works, starting with Androida version 2.2. Frequent updating and expanding the selection of rollers make it unique. Management keeps pace with the time, it is fully touch, if there are buttons on the phone, they will need to return to one step back. Most of the spots is completely realistic, so that friends are not from the first time will see that video of UFO’s just a joke. Music is also provided, imagine how upset your friend, if you see the movie, which in his car throwing a Molotov cocktail?

FxGuru Movie FX Director

The game interface is very simple, in the main view is a few buttons of them Start, info, Settings and Gallery, in recent stores all created creation. Run start and be transported into the wonderful world, namely in the selection menu of the clip. Choose one favourite, you can view it in advance, then select Start again.

Download FxGuru Movie FX Director

The display shows only the green outline of the selected image in the background of the place that was chosen, it can be a street, room, buffet, in General, everything depends on the imagination of users. Then, press the red button. Listen to the sound signal and try not to trusyt gadget in hand, though the main thing is to wait until the button to boot completely, again pikem, a little custom roller, wait for a full load and you can send to friends.

Download FxGuru: Movie FX Director

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