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Fruit Slice – game, in which you can test your reflexes and accuracy of movements. Cut with the sword all appear on the screen fruits and vegetables, not touching bombs. One broken bomb – one lost “life”. You are offered four types of games. Two modes, Classic and time are nothing special. And the other two, Pipeline (Pipe) and One Shot (One Shot), quite interesting.

Fruit Slice for Android

So, the game has good effects, as music and visual. When cut fruit on the wall there is a trace, with time he will begin to flow down. The game has already 4 similar regime games:
Classic – vintage mode, which means one of the easiest mode in the game. You reite only fruits and bombs may fall down. If you miss 3 of the fruit, the game will be over for you.
Pepiline conveyer mode in which you need to cut only those fruits that are displayed in the upper right corner on the conveyor. If the entire line is full, the game just finished.

Fruit Slice

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Time is one of the most common modes in which, for 100 seconds you need to cut all.
One shot in the upper right corner on the production line in opredelennom order rasspolozheny from 3 to 7 and fruits. You have to cut them with a single incision in the correct order, then you can make a mistake total of 3 times.
Be sure to install this colorful app on Your Android device. Download it for free. This game is suitable for all ages, it has no age restrictions.

Download free Fruit Slice for Android

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