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With the lack of originality in many games for Android, some developers have already become to fight fairly simple and effective method – combining genres, so in the case of game EggPunch 2 from the same developers so they decided to combine Billiards, fun arcade and some of the principles from Angry Birds that came out of it? – Was fun!

That is strange – I found the first part of this game on Google Play, found it for iOS, but it was also released on Android version 1-2, apparently now deleted it and did the right thing, because she looked just awful, although the principle was the same. Anyway, we will not delve into history, will look better on the game.

Download EggPunch 2

The game’s plot as such but there is no inherent principle – the chick who have not really had time to get out of the eggs will chase the Easter Bunny which these eggs just steals, but this time he stole from the chick feathers, and without them, he feels no better. Broken the is game levels, so at the beginning we will see each rabbit which runs on the playing field and dives into his hole, and your task, using a slingshot to launch the egg so that it rolled into the hole.

As I already wrote, something like Billiards, but with each level will make it more difficult, the path to the hole will be twists and have to aim better to correctly calculate where the egg should be rebounded. The advantages are immediately include the originality of the gameplay, as the game quite a bit, bright, beautiful and high-quality graphics, the overall feel positive that the game literally oozes.

Other features EggPunch 2:

you can play for free, Internet connection is not required
amazing graphics
very simple operation, reminiscent of the famous birds
original gameplay
many different techniques to achieve the goal
nearly five dozen levels and different fun locations
three dozen outfits for the main character
as you progress you can unlock four mini-games

The disadvantages of the game EggPunch 2:

the free version contains ads, if you want without it – buy the full version for $ 1.

Bottom line: if someone was familiar with the first part, you’ll notice a huge leap forward, and in General, the game leaves a very positive impression, so definitely download!


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