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Developers from DeNa Corp, they Mobage, very well versed in the genre of RPG and CCG (collectible card games), as evidenced by the large number of games in the same genre. New game for Android called Blood Brothers 2 is the sequel to one of the most popular card games with RPG elements.

Download Blood Brothers 2

Developers largely reworked the style, but the bleakness and despair left in its place, plus, the gameplay has become more friendly to new players, but the main chips of the first part has not been removed, and the office remained the same simple and convenient. In the game you have to manage your own squad commanders, who have at their disposal is fighters. In the fantasy world of the game is the battle with the forces of darkness, who has managed to capture most of the kingdoms, and brave soldiers, they’re Blood Brothers, all the forces trying to liberate the occupied territories.

The game combines not only the conventional arcade elements, but also elements of the strategy, because, if you just mindlessly put into battle commanders, it is likely that you will lose.
Gameplay and control:

The game currently has 4 chapters, each of which you will find on 6 battles. All of this is “History”, but if you want to get into the Arena and there to try their hand, it is necessary to complete the first Chapter. In some battles, when completed you will have the opportunity to hire a defeated commander to your unit. For battle in the Chapter you need 5 units of energy, which, of course, eventually recovered.

After the start of the battle unfolds before you step-by-step strategy that shows all the enemies. Your task is to attack first, i.e. some types of units can respond to your move and go for you, and you can just stand still and in that case, you just need to reach them and attack first (it gives a huge advantage in battle, because, in that case you attack first).

But note that the number of moves you have is limited, therefore, carefully count and act. Directly in combat, you need to choose 3 of the commander, who will perform against enemy fighters. In this case, be sure to pay attention to the type of the enemy commander, as if put against archers mage, the advantage will be on the side of the enemy, and if you put soldiers, the advantage is on your side. For each completed battle (sweep and destroy the boss), you get gold and experience.

Every day you can the category of “Pact” to try to get rare commander in your squad. Control of the game based on simple touches, nothing special or complex.
Graphics and soundtrack:

Visually, the game looks great, this style is very rare, the developers worked perfectly the atmosphere, the animation, the special effects and it does not disappoint with optimization. The soundtrack is epic and sets up for a major battle.

To summarize: Blood Brothers 2 is a great continuation of a great mixture of TCG and RPG, and arcade and strategy, therefore, it can be recommended to everyone. The game is free, Donat is present, and its dependence while it is difficult to determine. Enjoy the game!

Download Blood Brothers 2


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