Download AdVenture Capitalist for free

If you have long had a dream to become a cool businessman, the game for Android called AdVenture Capitalist will help her realize. Of course, not in the real world, but only virtual, but it will help you get a boost of motivation. The game is very addictive, simple to outrageous, with a beautiful soundtrack and stylish interface.
Gameplay and control:

Actually, the game is a simplified version of the genre “Clicker”, which gained its popularity due to the famous browser game Cookie Clicker. The game was very simple, primitive and completely meaningless, but millions of players around the world played it. And now, even the largest publishers of mobile games are seduced by these tricks, and quite often release Clicker-like game. The essence of the game is to invest in a particular type of business and get him a few more times.

Download AdVenture Capitalist for free

Don’t worry, you don’t need to understand all these economic terms, and just need to press the right buttons, hiring managers and be happy with how your money increases very quickly. Let us examine in more detail the interface: in the center of the screen is a list of all the business ideas that you will soon realize. Your first business is the sale of lemonade. If you want to get off it again, then press the Buy button, thereby increasing the number of points of your business. When points grow to 50, you get a double raise.Download AdVenture Capitalist

More detail and additions can be found in the “Unlocks”. If the clickers you had to constantly push yourself, then here, just click once and wait for the time when the money is in your account. In the “Upgrades” you can buy upgrades for your business, paying a tidy sum. In the “Managers” you will be able to hire managers who will do all the routine activities in an Assembly of their own. In the section “Investors” after a certain time, you can hire yourself investors to increase their income. Control is implemented using simple taps, nothing complicated.
Graphics and soundtrack:

Visually, the game turned out just great, the developers decided to make all in the theme of the XIX-XX centuries, when capitalism was particularly popular. The animation is simple, the effects are beautiful, with optimization problems. The soundtrack is quiet and unobtrusive, sounds great.

To summarize: AdVenture Capitalist – it’s the kind of clickers, where user involvement is minimal, as you quite correctly invest money, and then occasionally go to properly allocate the income. The game gets a 5+, you can download it for free, and you Donat definitely not torment. Enjoy the game!

Download AdVenture Capitalist


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