Dark Lands – Runner scene.

The developers of  Bulkypix has already gained the trust of players, thanks to the huge portfolio really cool and high quality games of different genres. But recently, the portfolio was increased by one game called Dark Lands. This is a runner who finally brings its interesting changes in already bored most users gameplay. In addition, the game is not bad animation and graphical style, really interesting and exciting gameplay, and also quite easy operation, which quickly get used to.

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The gameplay and management:

The game has two modes in the game is Survival and Adventure. In Adventure mode you need to 40 missions, but this mode is disabled by default in the free version of the game, and if you want to unlock it, you have to buy it in about 60 rubles. The same mode of survival is open by default without any restrictions. Besides the usual runner component, the game well implemented RPG component, which perfectly fit into the gameplay. You’ll not only to pump some parameters of the character, but also to buy different clothes to further strengthen characteristics. For each race you are given 3 tasks by doing that you will get bonus crystals. The crystals are local in-game currency that is bought everything in the game. We now turn to the most important changes in the gameplay.

Dark Lands


The hero has a strip of lives and even if you accidentally falls under attack secateurs or step on a buzz saw, the character immediately dies. The second feature is the enemies that you will have to fight, because it is through you will get more experience and crystals. The enemies are also actively will attack you and interfere during the race. Control in the game is quite easy to get used will be the first race. Jump and tackle is the gesture up (two up gesture will make a double jump) and gesture down respectively. You can also just stay in place, click the the screen with two fingers. To attack an enemy, press the right side of the screen, and to supply the block, tap the screen with two fingers.

Download Dark Lands.

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Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphical style is made in black and white a La Limbo, the character animations worked quite well, optimization also high. The soundtrack and the sounds of well selected, nothing more to say. To summarize: Dark Lands is a runner, which is a must install on your device if you like this genre and want, finally, some diversity. The game is free, Donat is present, but in the game it has no effect. Enjoy the game!


Download Dark Lands for free

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