Daddy Was A Thief

Game for android

Who said that in order to become a thief, you need to be agile, fast, thin and have some special chips? This is all complete nonsense. Just look at the main character of the game for Android called Daddy Was A Thief, and you will immediately throw away any left-wing doubt. The game is a kind of game with original gameplay, randomly generated levels, very simple controls and the absence of any specific rules for the victory.

Daddy Was A Thief

The gameplay and management:

The essence of the game is that you need to go down to the floors below, breaking floor of each floor. Sounds very simple, but in fact… it will be easier. Thanks to quite a large main character, it does the job very well, but he surely is fear of the other thieves with pistols, the police officers who can beat him to death, and missiles helicopter and crazy grandmothers, who are not so gentle and sweet as can seem at first glance. The first thing that will delight you in the game is fully destructible environments. Everything in this game can be destroyed, including sofas, TV-sets, microwave ovens, washing machines, chairs, tables and much more destroyed and you for another bonus.

Daddy Was A Thief

In addition, some rooms will be even more coins, which also need to be collected. The only elements of the apartment, which you need to pay attention to is a fridge and a bathroom. Smashing refrigerator, you obnarujivaesh and turn into a chunk and can easily break through the floor and destroy enemies. But once in the bathroom, you can fly quite a huge number of rooms, thanks to the huge punching power baths. On the gold coins, you can buy new funny costumes for the main character, buy boosters and unlock useful improvements. The game is based on using only one finger, which is very convenient. To split the floor, make a gesture down, and to jump, make a gesture up. It is as easy as ABC!

Daddy Was A Thief

Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game looks beyond praise: beautiful detail and original style, beautiful animation and excellent special effects and excellent optimization. The soundtrack is very cheerful, positive, as the game itself. To summarize: Daddy Was A Thief is a great runner with super makings of a time-killer, which will appeal to anyone who has ever it will play. The game is free, Donat is present but does not affect the game. Enjoy the game!

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