Cut the Rope 2 – The continuation of the world hit.

Game for android

The developers of Zeptolab is a true master in the development of casual games. If the company name of the developer you said nothing, then the name of the game for Android Cut the Rope 2 immediately clarifies the situation. Yes, this is the second part of the adventure is very cute and generally mi-mi-mi character, for he had heard not only every child, but every adult, thanks to huge popularity of the game. The game differs from its predecessor slightly updated gameplay, improved graphics and physics and a slightly plump Am Namam (I somehow seemed that way). Before you start the game, you will see a nice Intro, from which you will understand why this unexpected adventure for Am Nyamaa.

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The gameplay and management:

The essence of the game have remained exactly the same, and without any changes: collect 3 stars, cutting the rope, lopa balls and using other objects to achieve one goal will feed cute Am Nyamaa another delicious candy. We now turn to the changes. If before you had to go through the level by only three stars, now each level consists of three tasks you may wish. The first task is to collect all 3 stars, and the second is to collect a certain amount of fruit (all levels filled with fruits, which are hidden in soap bubbles and you just need to touch them with candy, to collect them), and the third is either to collect all the stars at a certain time, or do not collect one star, i.e. just to throw candy Am Nyamu.

game for android Cut the Rope 2

For each completed task, you will receive a medal, you will need to open access to the bonus levels and eventually earn bonuses. In addition, for each medals you will be charged a certain amount of gold that you can spend on the personalization of the main character, and to buy booster packs. Another unpleasant for some news – the availability of energy in the game. All of its 50 units, and on the restoration of one unit spent about 3 minutes, which is quite small, compared to other games. If you want to save the child’s expectations and to give him a full game, you have to shell out and buy the game. The game has remained absolutely identical, but for the beginners there are hints, so can not survive.

Game for android

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Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics in this game has always been the benchmark beautiful, casual, and standard and it remains the same, without any deterioration. From the soundtrack still emanates a pleasant, positive mood, which adjusts on a good game. To summarize: Cut the Rope 2 is a continuation of one of the best casual games, which again will conquer the hearts of not only children, but also the adult generation. The game is free, Donat is present, but he does not imposed. Enjoy the game!

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