Collapsticks – Drop as many matches.

Game for android

The puzzles are increasingly common tasks when you need to do something really interesting and exciting, something that no one would never do in real life. In the game for Android Collapsticks you have to destroy the structures of the — of matches. Most surprising stylistic design of the game itself, which is reminiscent of the Soviet lifts (everyone knows or even did the “dirty work” with the burn button in the Elevator, or even doing now).


The gameplay and management:

But no, the developers have laid a very different meaning in his game, and instead of burning buttons, you just have to destroy the structures, made of matches. Each kit levels are decorated in beautiful boxes of matches, and a list of levels is made in the form of buttons on the toolbar of the old Soviet Elevator. All the game features 100 levels, which still have time to get bored because to go on each of the 3 stars it is possible, but very difficult. The gameplay is that you need to remove the matches in boxes so that fell matches greater than or equal to that shown on the indicator at the bottom of the screen.

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Game Collapsticks

If you think you have tried all possible ways and more matches to fall can’t just click on a box of matches to collect the remaining matches. And then wait for the results of the level and watch how many green LEDs will light up, this will be your assessment of the level. Also, every day you can use free a hint that 100% will help you to pass the level you have selected on the appreciation. Control in the game sold very convenient to play a pleasure. You don’t even have migrated separately matches in boxes, you can just take a match and throw it anywhere, and it will automatically return to the boxes. Exactly because of such small elements, the game begins more and more like an ordinary player because there is a certain element of easy interactivity.

Game for android

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Stylistically, the game is made on 10 out of 5, I was very surprised that the developers so seriously decided to go to the usual menu of the game, as well as the General style of play. About some logs or brakes when they talk, because everything works perfectly. Also kudos deserves unobtrusive soundtrack that off, clearly not worth it. To summarize: Collapsticks is another Must Have a puzzle game that is free and will seduce you by its originality, nice styling, comfortable and intuitive controls, and entertaining puzzles. Enjoy the game!


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