Cham Cham – Jolly chameleon.

Cute chameleon named Cham Cham lost the most important thing in his life – tasty fruit. They are ready to make all for the sake of this Goodies, but he don’t climb the hot desert and red-hot stones, therefore, to gather fruits he will help You. The game was named Cham Cham and can boast a nice looking graphics, nice and funny main character, which is simply interesting to watch, very various puzzles that will really make the move gray matter, and a very simple and convenient management.

Cham Cham

The gameplay and management:

The essence of each puzzle is that you need to deform the countryside, shoot guns, use of portals and wind power, to scrupulously to make a fruit roll up to a cute Cham Cham. But not enough to simply roll the fruit to the main character, you need to try to collect all of the stars, which are scattered on the way. But in addition to the hot desert, you have to visit and in the cold, and under a huge downpour. But there is for fruit special danger is sharp stones that you strongly need to hide by using the deformation of the earth.

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Now to not be the best part of this game is energy. You are given 10 fruit that waste trying to pass the level. Needless to say, the fruit will be restored, but you’ll have plenty to wait until they have been completed fully. Don’t want to wait, you can always invest their money and continue playing. By the way, forgot to mention that if you are unable to pass the level, you can use the hint. Tip shows you how to pass the level, to collect all 3 stars. The game is based on the simple gestures and touches, to understand isn’t hard, even to a child.

Download Cham Cham

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Graphics and soundtrack:

On the graphics developers have tried on glory, is especially pleased with the atmosphere of the Wild West, a beautiful landscape, very cute and funny main character, beautiful animation, realistic physics and excellent optimization. The soundtrack is made in the spirit of the films westerns and definitely deserves high appraisal. To summarize: Cham Cham – beautiful, cute and addictive puzzle game that will appeal to players of all ages and gender. The game is free, Donat is present, so all your wishes don’t forget to send in feedback on Google Play. Enjoy the game!


Download Cham Cham free

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