Catch Notes for android

Similar popular data-storage service Evernote. Setting Catch Notes or just “Catch”, as it is now called, we get a free storage space:

  • photo,
  • text documents
  • video records
  • napominaet
  • voice messages

Catch Notes

Manage notes, photos and video material via the cloud service or locally, if you are not connected to the Internet.
in the convenient interface, specially adapted under the smartphone a new generation of PDA.

Catch Notes
Incredible ease of use exceeds a similar app, but when auto-sync is not excluded consumption impressive traffic. This can be a problem for users with limited natural rate. In this case we recommend to put manual sync, and remove the update at startup.

In order to become a full user –°atch do not have to register a separate account. Enough to have a facebook or gmail portion of your account.

A huge plus is a nice looking widget on the screen Android, which is a line entry into a new text document or voice recording.

Catch Notes for android

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