CarX Drift Racing – Best simulation drift.

In addition drag racing, on mobile devices is also a popular genre of racing style drift. The developers of CarX Technologies has developed its own physics engine, due to which machine is behaving as realistic as possible on the road and in the game for Android called CarX Drift Racing, you have to re-learn how to drift, because, in this game has been great emphasis on realism, and not on casualness, as in most other racing projects. Apart from the beautiful physics engine, the game boasts a very good graphics and special effects, surprisingly convenient and simple control.

Download CarX Drift Racing free

The gameplay and management:

Before you start playing you will have to pass three stages of training: choice of car for the race, the choice of the race track and select a profile for your machine. All in the game presents 6 cars, originally opened only 1, and the rest will have to buy in-game currency. Racing tracks in the game is very little – only two, originally opened only one, and the second can be opened for a very large sum of 500 000 gold coins. Profiles is a special setup of your machine, which in varying degrees improve its performance and make it more suitable for racing or drifting.

Download CarX Drift Racing

The cost of the profiles are relatively high. To earn coins you are given one circle and quite long, winding track. You have absolutely no time-limited, but if you want to receive a prize, you need to get into the top three, but it needs to type the minimum number of points and to do it within the specified time. But believe me, at first it will be very hard. Because of the realistic behavior of the machine, has to re-learn, to remember the car behavior in a given situation, to use the hammer at the right time and other important points in drifting. Management was surprisingly very convenient. For the turns can respond accelerometer (the default), and the buttons on the screen. Also there is a button gas, brake and Parking brake. Pressing the brake, you will never go in a drift, how would you not tried.

CarX Drift Racing

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphics, exactly as physics, no complaints: beautiful detailing cars and tracks, realistic animation and special effects and fantastic optimization. Recently, developers have added’s soundtrack consisting of 6 songs in the style of “Rock”, and they just fit perfectly into this race. To summarize: CarX Drift Racing is realistic and even hardcore drift racing, which definitely like not everyone because of its complexity, but who will be able to get used to the game, he will receive a sheer pleasure. The game is absolutely free, Donat is present, but without it you can stay in the game, if you can learn play normally. So support developers his assessment on Google Play if the game you really like it. Enjoy the game!


Download CarX Drift Racing free

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