Car Parking Game 3D

Parking this is a very strange genre, personally I do not understand why he has gained such popularity, and it is precisely because of these games already released a great many, good and bad, but if not shy, this is one of the best! Moreover, the quality of the game is frankly amazing, for some reason, for a start it is Parking, which just invested capital, then it is from an unidentified developer Symstudio Games from Russia, and this is their first game, which is strange, usually the first pancake is always lumpy, as they say. But… in spite of all this game has to download it on your Android free!

Car Parking Game 3D

Read more about the oddities in this game.
For a start the graphics – it is excellent, very smooth, very clear, model cars is clearly not certified, but they easily can see the similarity with the original. Simulation is she here, too, at a very high level that it would be incredibly be a race, but when Parking is difficult to feel the car, but the simulator it can be called without a twinge of conscience. The surrounding world is made somewhat worse than your car, it’s flattering, but at the same time he is quite handsome and will not cut eye. Even more strangely, there is a tuning and accounting of spent gasoline!!! That’s what, and tuning in the game-Parking, I did not expect, but it brings some variety and allows you to dig deeper with their beautiful machines, isn’t it beautiful? 😉

Car Parking Game 3D
The advantages and features of the game Car Parking Game 3D:

nearly two dozen cars
four game modes
two different car parks and hundreds of levels in the amount of
there is a maze which is really hard to get
six parameters which you can pump in your car
floor hundreds of different wheels for decoration
more than two dozen external tuning
rooms also possible to change
download and play free

Car Parking Game 3D
The disadvantages of the game Car Parking Game 3D:
not enough machines
quite a lot of advertising, but the game is worth it to suffer this
why it’s just Parking? Give the race!
Conclusion: the game is very good, it is clear that the same applies to many positive strangeness, I think (or rather hope)that this is a warm-up before the release of a very good racing game, is going to be monitored 😉


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